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Regardless of this specific problem, it begs the question, might there be a And How To Use It In Mac OS X Mountain Lion Imagine you want to.

Nov 8, 5: Thank you very much! I was trying to regain access to Google products for over two hours until I stumbled upon your post, now everything works fine. If you have time, can you please elaborate as to what was the problem and how did your solution fix it? Communities Contact Support.

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Troubleshooting on YouTube not working on Mac (Mojave included)

Loading page content. I then attempted it once again using both firefox and google chrome with "this website is not available" My roommates computers are all accessing google, youtube and gmail as usual on our home wifi. Kind regards, Lexi.

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Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Some you may have already tried. Try the basics first: I would be most appreciative! Downloaded the kext from: I still seem to have erratic modem resets Any thoughts and help would be nice. Found a solution, a rather simple one: Gotta love the vague answers.

Just had to rerun MultiBeast. What in MB made the difference? So what exactly is the fix? I'm having the same problem and it doesn't look like anyone has clarified how to do it.

Any help? Bump, Looking for an answer to same question. Do you guys have Lilu. I did what MathiasVH said, and it worked. I quit Safari, followed the steps to rename the Safari folder in the Library, relaunched Safari, new Safari folder appeared in the Library, Safari now has no history or bookmarks, started re-establishing some of my bookmarks, and the issue came back while I was on a secure site.

youtube not working on mountain lion | MacRumors Forums

I think my only remedy is to either upgrade Safari by upgrading OS X, or switch to another browser. As mentioned in earlier post, I am using Safari 6. I am using Safari 6. The current TLS is 1. All versions of SSL are now insecure. I need to upgrade Safari, which means upgrading to Mac OS Or, I need to switch to a more secure browser, such as Firefox version 43 or later. A table showing what protection each version of a browser has is at: Tried many things including your instructions and I was ready to give up on Safari.

When the default home page http: To update Java: Follow instructions. Thank you very much.

YouTube videos won't load/freezes

It really helped. And it worked.

Youtube not working on Safari!

What if there are no expired certificates? None of the above steps worked for me. Using OSX Using this system for testing. Any ideas please. I could not connect to any HTTPS URL; can not run software update also ssl encrypted ; can not connect to apps store; neither to get help for different parts of software like keychain. This was so helpful! Thank you! Took a while to figure this one out but …there is a faster way… https: After reading dozens of blogs and possible solutions on this problem — I have now solved it, this is it: This is about the 10th problem I have had with Keychain in Yosemite.

Go to Safari Extns, write down your list of extensions you want to keep.

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Quit Safari 3. Run Keychain 5. Delete all the keychains for Safari. Quit Keychain. Run Safari and Reinstall your extensions that have been removed. Where have you been all my life!!!

Share Videos to FaceBook, YouTube, & Vimeo from QuickTime Player in Mac OS X

This bleeping problem has plagued me, on and off, for two years. Comes on when it feels like, goes off when it feels like. In my case, every server gave the same message, not just Safari. So, I took my iPhone and went to Safari and typed in the error message. Did every one of the tests you mentioned at first. Keep in mind I am a senior boomer that is technically challenged. Reading your very easy how-to steps. Then I remembered something, somehow attached to your mail server. Went in the mail server. Everything wonderful.