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Regardless of this specific problem, it begs the question, might there be a And How To Use It In Mac OS X Mountain Lion Imagine you want to.

Torchlight looks absolutely different from moonlight, just as it should. To add to this, shadows are heavily implemented as well.


Daylight is crisp and bright, striking a noticeable difference from the pale light of the moon or torches while in a cave. The sky textures are also one of the most notable features this shaders pack has to offer. The clouds commonly seen in vanilla are pixelated and scattered as if from a predesigned pattern. In this shaders pack, clouds look thin, whispy, and mobile—comparable to the clouds seen just out your window. Looking skyward with this shaders pack will replace those yellow squares with a living image of real clouds.

While such realistic clouds may seem to stick out from the traditional pixel aesthetic Minecraft has, the two aspects compliment each other quite well. Real weather is excellent proof of this. While these features are beautiful and realistic, older computers may have a hard time keeping up with the vast and vibrant graphical changes. Minecraft Forum. For some reason the ground is dark. Meaning, I am not able to see the shadows of the grass on the ground due to the fact that it is as if the whole ground is a shadow. This is an illegal repost of a shaderpack.

It has been reported. Do not post bugs to an illegal repost, instead post them to the official MinecraftForum page. You put the location of the shaders folder in the installation guide, but later on you say that the shaders are incompatible with OS X? What is your OS? Linux, Windows xp, vista, 7 , 8 or 8. I can chose for you other one. It looks amazing.

At least the lite version gives well over FPS which is playable but sadly looks ugly. Does this work with Optifine? Okie so I finally got it all working perfectly fine. SEUS v Lookie Ron. I use Taunoa resource packs.. Vanilla blocks but with all that pretty bumpmap and specularmap stuff that makes sand sparkle in the sunset and blocks have depth to their bumps and cracks. Strange only V11 is working in MC1.

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But I will say this I love the version 11 but wish it had option to get rid of the blurry glass and water. If grass is located on a block where a layer of snow has fallen, the snow will wave with the grass. Well for some no god reasons I have white screen lol. Other shaders work excellent but this one makes my screen everything white and I dunno why. Maybe someone can help me with that? Only go to the Minecraft Forums for shader downloads. What links for 1. Sorry for your inconvenience. Maybe find in google. Problem on installing shader. I noticed a bug that i would very much appreciate being fixed.

I also noticed that sometimes player models of other players also turn green and unrecognizable. They remain fully-shadowed, even when in broad daylight. I tried almost all of the others. A few got me a buttery smooth 60FPS, but very bare-bones, and usually there was something that just annoyed me normally how the water was done. SEUS does so much stuff right…. There is a problem with this shader pack , which is , Every thing that light up glows same as torch did at night time.

Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders for Minecraft 1.13.2/1.12.2/1.11.2

Please help. Can you possibly add a toggle in the menu for your shader to turn off the waving leaves, grass and wheat? The effect is still active, just no visible change. Any ideas? Hey there! Could you maybe try to get this to work on macOS as well? And is it possible to install shaders on versions of minecraft such as 1.

Love the Shader just wish you did not have such a washed out look over all. Even and option to do this would be amazing. I follow the first set of instructions on this page 1 and click the GLSL Shaders Mod that it says I need it takes me to another page 2 I also download the shaders pack on page 1 and place it in shaderpacks folder. Still wondering what the actual installer is as to what was first said in the instructions of page 2 I scroll down to the download list on page 2 for Minecraft 1. I get to page 4 in the tips it says that I do not require forge but then in the instructions it says the first thing it tells me is I need to download forge?

I install forge. I go back to page 4 and logically proceed with the next set of instructions I scroll down and it lists the optifine mod file as 1. After trying to follow all these instructions precisely and carefully avoiding all the shitty malware that is packaged with this. I have asm 5. I launch the game under forge in the launcher it crashes, I think oh well with all these 1.

I try downloading just the 1. You should use 1. Any solution? I really want to download it.. Not happy with how netherrack looks orange, magma becomes a bright orange, and lava is like a blinding, golden fire, no matter what texture pack I use, or with no texture pack. This is amazing, thanks for making minecraft look great, anyone know if this will work with the water shader mod? If I use this shader, I would definitely remove the Minecraft vanilla clouds. Why does the shader creator allow Minecraft vanilla cloud to join with the shader? Anyways, Sonic Ether, I hope you remove Minecraft vanilla cloud out of your shader pack so it will more beautiful with realistic 2D cloud like small fully beach waves, water and rain reflections, good graphics, good sun and moon with star and more….

I rate this shader as a ultra good shader as with good features but please, remove Minecraft vanilla clouds out of this shader pack.

Why do I tell you to not allow the Minecraft vanilla clouds into this shader pack? Thank you for reading this. I guess people will say: But, please, Sonic Ether, please not to allow the Minecraft vanilla clouds into your shader, okay? To fix it: Now if you trust me, I did that for you and you just need to put it into your zip file https: Alrighty boyos I found how to fix the composite 1 error. Cant get the water working. Im on 1. Its just a flat transparent texture, not reflective like in the Renewed screenshots.

What am i doing wrong? Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Minecraft 1.

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    Minecraft shaders: 12 of the best Minecraft graphics mods | PCGamesN

    Popular Shaders. October 30, August 9, at 8: October 9, at 8: November 17, at December 25, at 8: Dean Guilfoyle. January 3, at 9: February 24, at 3: May 12, at 7: August 2, at October 14, at December 10, at 3: June 23, at 4: February 8, at 5: March 28, at 4: April 8, at 8: Please help thx ;.

    April 22, at 8: Just Jory. August 11, at 4: November 20, at 3: Sorry for that Notch, but you are not my boss now. My boss is now miscrosoft. February 16, at Yo Mama. March 2, at 8: Click done and sit back to survey your new ultra-shader-enhanced Minecraft experience. Advanced shaders like SEUS introduce water that ripples, trees and grass that sway in the breeze, and very realistic torch and lava movement. The image above shows the same location with the native Minecraft shader active on the left and the SEUS shader active in the right.

    The lovely colors of the Season Forest take on a whole new depth when the special lighting, haze, and shadow rendering of the new shader is applied. Like the previous image, the native shader is on the left and the SEUS shader is on the right. Nighttime scenes are especially cool with a beefy shader applied. In the village above you can see the native shader on the left and the SEUS shader on the right. The light is much warmer in the SEUS shader and the light spill and eventual shadows are much more realistic.

    Minecraft shaders: 12 of the best Minecraft graphics mods

    The left half of the image shows the cool white-spectrum lighting and the red lava with white lighting provided by the default shader. The right half of the image showcases how warm the village looks with the SEUS shader and how strongly the lava glows. Here are a few other shaders for your consideration. The shader pack renders the Minecraft world in cel-animation style similar to that found in video games like Borderlands and Okami. Our final recommendation is for those of you with older computers that want the shader experience but without the GPU power for a beefy shader like SEUS.

    Although you need a decent GPU to hack it, getting a powerful shader pack up and running is a sure fire way to absolutely supercharge your Minecraft experience and make the whole Minecraft world look new again. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere.

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