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Regardless of this specific problem, it begs the question, might there be a And How To Use It In Mac OS X Mountain Lion Imagine you want to.

To switch between views, simply click on the active view icon to switch it off and use the other option. Sometime when you are searching for duplicate files by name or date only, the software can mark some files as duplicates by mistake. To prevent this from happening, use a more advance file comparison method, such as CRC Checksum.

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This scanning method will compare every single byte of the two or more files and will only mark files that are exactly the same as duplicates. When the scan is complete, use Assistant to quickly select the duplicate you want to move, rename or delete. No, it doesn't. Folders that were shared with you are NOT stored on your Google Drive even though you can access them through your Drive. Because these files don't occupy any space under your account, Easy Duplicate Finder doesn't scan them. If you want to scan all the files on your Google Drive including the files that were shared with you, then it's better to install Google Drive on your computer, sync files and search for duplicates in the Google Drive folder locally.

When you delete the duplicates, all changes will be synced with Google Drive in the Cloud.

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You can expand each duplicate group by clicking on the small arrow next to the checkbox and see which files have been selected automatically. If you are not happy with Easy Duplicate Finder's selection, simply check the checkbox next to a different file. To modify the selection for all the duplicates in bulk, click on the green button with a pencil icon and select the option that works best for you. You can adjust the bulk selection to keep files located in a particular folder or in a folder plus its subfolders.

To do that, go to the Step 3 screen and click on any file located in the folder you have original files.

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Then click on the button with a pencil icon and select "Keep files from this folder" or "Keep files from this folder and subfolders". This will save you from accidentally deleting a song you may want to keep. The Music Scan mode lets you batch-select duplicate songs with the highest or lowest bitrate.

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  • The higher the bitrate, the better the sound quality is. If you want to delete low-quality duplicate music files from your computer, go to Step 3, click on the pencil icon button, and choose the "Keep the songs with the highest bitrate in each group" option. Then click on the trash can button and EDF will delete the low-quality duplicates and keep only the high-quality tracks.

    To do that, click on Settings Preferences on Mac , go to the File Search tab and select the "Show duplicate in media libraries" checkbox. Click OK to save the new settings. When you go to Step 3 to examine the scan results, right-click on any file in the folder you want to exclude from deletion and select "Remove this folder and subfolders from results". This way you can be sure you won't delete files located in the folder by mistake.

    Yes, Easy Duplicate Finder has a mode called Folder Comparison, which you can find in the scan modes drop-down menu. This mode allows you to run very specific scans and find duplicates in specified folders only. When you use the Folder Comparison Mode, Easy Duplicate Finder asks you to select a Master Folder - a folder the program will use to compare other folders with.

    When done, perform a scan the usual way. Note that only the specified Target Folders will be scanned. The Folder Comparison mode is a special scan mode that makes it easy to compare files in two or more folders. It treats files in Source Folders as originals master files , thus helping you to avoid any confusion when you're choosing which files to delete and which to keep. This mode is great for comparing files on external drives with files on your computer and merging folders. When you finish scanning your computer with Easy Duplicate Finder, you can select different options to manage duplicate files by clicking on "Manage Duplicates".

    One of these options is called "Replace with Symbolic Link".

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    This option is very handy if you want to save disk space, yet keep all original file entries for easy file access. Here's how it works:. This way only one file remains, but all previous duplicate entries stay in their respective locations. We are planning to add support for more email clients in the near future. The Email Mode is designed to work with your operating system's native email client Outlook Express in older Windows version and Mac Mail on Apple computers.

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    The Outlook Mode has been designed specifically for managing emails and contacts in Microsoft Outlook on Windows and Mac. Instead, it uses your messages' properties and attributes that are provided by your email client. The attributes to compare are called "Fields" and you can configure them in the program settings, on the Contacts and Emails tab. First, select the Outlook Email mode Mac from the scan modes drop-down menu. Proceed with scanning as you normally would.

    Sometimes, you may get contacts that have the same name but different email addresses. Here's an example:. When that's the case, you'll be offered to use either the "Merge" or the "Merge and Delete" option. Using the "Merge" option will add the missing information to Contact 1 and keep Contact 2 as is. We do not recommend using Easy Duplicate Finder to delete such files. These files are not really duplicates and using duplicate finder software apps to find and delete them can lead to errors if you delete a wrong file by mistake.

    If you're not planning to downgrade from Windows 10, then follow these steps to properly delete files in the Windows. This technology is similar to hash comparison and it compares audio files by their content. When two tracks are compared using the audio fingerprint technology, Easy Duplicate Finder:. You then get results based on the track similarity in percentage hence the adjustable similarity threshold in the Settings.

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    To use the audio fingerprint matching algorithm, select Music Scan from the scan modes drop-down menu, then go to Settings Preferences on Mac , navigate to the Music Tags tab and select the "Use fingerprint comparison mode" checkbox. Then adjust the similarity threshold to fit your needs. After that, return to the main window and run a scan just like you normally would.

    Most likely, your computer needs you to run the installer as Administrator. Here is how you can do that:. Some third party software e. Ipswich FTP Pro may conflict with our one-click installer. If you can't install Easy Duplicate Finder using the regular installer, try using this installation file instead.

    Windows 10 acts like that because there is a problem with Windows Defender and it marks Easy Duplicate Finder as a false positive. Once you start using a third party anti-virus, you'll be able to download and install Easy Duplicate Finder without any problems. There are several reasons why you may not be able to delete the duplicates.

    The most common fixes for this problem are the following:. Select "Open the folder containing the file" and see if you are able to delete the file in Windows Explorer. If not, then most likely you don't have the necessary permissions from the administrator of your computer. Don't panic! If you realize that you've deleted the files you still need, simply click on the Undo button that is activated as soon as you delete, rename or move the duplicates.

    You will be asked if you really want to undo the changes. Hit Yes and your files will be back. If you haven't highlighted a file in the list, this option will not work. Click on one of the files in the list to highlight it, and then use the "Select duplicates" menu item to choose the option you need.

    When you scan your entire drive with Easy Duplicate Finder, you may see some files marked "Read only" in the scan results. These files are automatically write-protected by the operating system or the applications that are using them. Easy Duplicate Finder can delete read-only files, but you should not touch them unless you are absolutely sure that deleting them will not interfere with other software you may be using.

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    This usually happens when you manually delete music files on your computer, and then open iTunes. In that case iTunes may still list those songs, even though they are actually gone. To scan the content of you MP3 player, make sure it's connected to your computer and has a drive letter assigned to it. Sometimes even if there is a drive letter assigned to the device, the device may have restricted access to protect DMR digital media rights. The Music Scan mode compares files by their ID3 tags. If you're scanning music files that don't have any ID3 tags, the Music Scan mode won't detect them at all.

    You can select these methods in EDF's settings. If the songs you're scanning contain exact duplicates, Easy Duplicate Finder will detect them. You need to map the network drive with a letter for Easy Duplicate Finder to recognize it. To do that, open Windows Explorer, right-click on the network drive you want to map and select "Map network drive Make sure you reboot your computer after installing the update. Once you reboot, Easy Duplicate Finder will recognize all mapped network drives. Please switch to the Outlook Email scan mode using the scan modes drop-down menu and try again.

    The Email Mode only works with native email clients. Sometimes Outlook may hang and cause Easy Duplicate Finder to freeze.

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    EDF relies on Outlook to scan emails for duplicates, and thus if there's a problem with Outlook, there will also be a problem with Easy Duplicate Finder. And if you think that there's a problem with Easy Duplicate Finder, please submit a support ticket. Forgot Password Login. Will your software continue to work? So, if you are planning to update to Windows 10, please follow these steps before you run the update: Here is how: You can also click on "Add folders" and select folders without dragging and dropping.

    Click on the green Start Scan button to start the scan. Here is how the scan works: EDF scans the folders specified by the user and compiles a list of files. If the user applied any filters size, file extension, etc. Files that have the same hash are duplicates. EDF groups the duplicates and assigns numbers to the files starting with 1, then it sorts the results. Download edfSetup. Click Open to launch the app. The easiest way to stop these popups is to give EDF full disk access. Click on the Privacy tab.

    There are a few things that may prevent the activation of the product, including: The tools of this software are the most advance and more attractive. This software supports all types of windows. The using of this software is more easy and simple. The speed of this software are the good and much better than the others software. Duplicate Documents, Duplicate Music, Duplicate photos, Outlook duplicate email files Removing duplicate files is safe and easy. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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