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That USB 3. Anyone who has accidentally left their flash drive in their pants pockets through a laundry cycle will appreciate the durability of this Samsung drive. Its durable metal casing is waterproof, shockproof, magnetproof, and resistant to high temperatures. Samsung believes in this drive enough to provide a five-year warranty should anything happen. USB 3. It is also backwards compatible with USB 2.

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You can get USB 3. It sports a capless design with a sturdy keyring, perfect for travel or as a part of your everyday carry. The design can even be customized to add your logo or company name. With a five-year warranty, a great design, and a value price, this small drive makes a perfect addition to your keyring.

Best Flash Drives for MacBook: Our Picks

With their paper-slim profiles, Ultrabooks and tablets are barely thick enough for a USB port. That's why some of the bulkier drives on this list are not ideal for those devices. This unobtrusive storage is constructed with a metal casing that is resistant to the elements and NAND flash technology. With USB 3. Just make sure to attach it to a lanyard, so you don't lose it. Offering blazing fast performance in a compact package, the Sandisk Extreme Go definitively takes the crown as the best USB flash drive.

Top 4 Best Flash Drive for Mac (USB 3.0) Till November 2018

Buoyed by its rocket-like speeds, the Extreme Go lives up to its name by transferring a 4K movie in less than 40 seconds — that's nearly 35 times the speed of a USB 2. Beyond its fast operation, the Sandisk looks as good as it performs with a sleek and slim package that's 2.

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The retractable connector makes it easy to store when not in use and it is backward compatible with any USB 3. Tucked inside its diminutive profile is a choice of 64GB or GB of storage capacity and it comes complete with data storage recovery in the event of an accidental file deletion. This thumbdrive from SanDisk is designed for ease of use with iPhones and iPads, thanks to a curbed plastic connector that fits behind the back of the screen.

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  • It has automatic photo backup and contact transfer to help free up space on your devices without having to deal with the slow upload speeds. The degree swivel cap protects whichever connector is not in use and attaches easily to keychains. But it has an optional file management app, which is a free and simple automatic file categorization that puts your work in the appropriate folders.

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    Expect fast read and write speeds and 64 GB of storage to hold all your photos and files. While you might be swayed by flashy gimmicks like fingerprint sensors and password keypads, these end up being too expensive and not overly powerful with a few exceptions of course.

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    • This USB 3. You can pick it up in sizes ranging from 4GB to 64GB. However, for those who've been used to live "in the cloud" aka, using cloud storage or services for all kind of files , you probably won't need a physical disk drive at all. When you're storing files, space is everything.

      Especially since thumb drives aren't expandable, you'll want to pick one big enough to encompass your needs for quite a while. Alternatively, if you like to keep each project separate, buy many small flash drives so you don't have an excess of space that you don't end up utilizing. These days, USBs are coming in more and more varieties.

      The classic USB-A actually has two variations- 2. You can also step it up a notch by going for USB-C, which has the new reversible design and doesn't look anything like you would expect. It'll be faster and more efficient, but only newer computers have the correct port to use it.

      Best Flash Drives for MacBook Pro in (USB-C Drive Included)

      Do you lose things easily if they're too small, or would you prefer something that fits in your wallet? USB drives can be as small as one joint of your finger or include keyrings or other attachments that make them easier to keep track of. The size is also relevant when inserting it into your computer -- if your USB ports are close together, especially if you already use them regularly, a small flash drive will make sure the other accessories don't get pushed out in the process.

      This flash drive from Samsung has you covered. Need space in epic proportions? PNY offers a GB flash drive that will have you covered for quite a while. With a sleek sliding design and transfer speeds 10 times faster than with USB 2. PNY has a great electronics reputation isn't expected to fail anytime soon. For an all-around winner, the AntDisk 3. It's extremely damage resistant, easily attaches to a keychain so you can keep track of it, and the slim design leaves plenty of space for peripherals in other ports of your MacBook.

      The 32GB size is more than sufficient for a casual user. A USB flash drive is more than a place to store files. For even more useful tricks, CNET has you covered as well with their own take on things.