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Transform mountains of images, video and written evidence into THE powerful report your clients expects with SherlockDocs. With the new tools SherlockDocs provides I save an hour or more per report. I love it It cuts 3 or 4 steps out of my report writing process. My clients like the format of the reports and it's easy for them to create their own private account. How much time do you spend creating reports? Lets face it, writing reports suck precious time out of your day like a flat tire on the main highway during rush hour.

Are there other things you would rather be doing if you had the time like growing your business? Enough of the problem.

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Below is a table showing how Sherlock Docs wil make your life easier and more productive. We understand that moving your business online can be scary. SherlockDocs incorporates the most advanced security solutions, giving you the same level of data protection and redundancy as an online bank. Sherlock Docs is always available for you to access no matter where you are in the world via all modern web browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.

Your log in connection with Sherlock Docs is secure and encrypted using industry-leading SSL technology. The information stored in Amazon. Your data in SherlockDocs is safer and more secure than with most online applications and is even safer than traditional offline storage. SherlockDocs stores user data in Amazon. Every report document uploaded and every word typed into SherlockDocs is automatically and immediately copied to multiple backup locations worldwide.

Because backups are done instantly, the rare interruption at one location can be automatically resolved by accessing data at any other Amazon S3 data center location. Unlike other report creation software, getting started with SherlockDocs is simple, risk-free and fast. To get started we offer a FREE 30 Day Trial on all of our packages, this way you can use SherlockDocs to see if it brings any value to you and decide whether you want to pay for it later.

Because SherlockDocs is a cloud-based application there is no need for you to install any software, hire a technician or pull your hair out with frustration. Simply sign up for an account, login from the SherlockDocs website and create your first 3 cases now! My client asked me to share my report with the department manager and a few other interested parties. I just added them to my recipient list and they all had instant and continued access to the reports. Use the full version of SherlockDocs for 30 Days and see for yourself if it saves you hours of time every day and makes you more productive.

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Once you're using SherlockDocs if you aren't saving hours of time every report We'll refund you immediately for the month. Results are guaranteed. Long-Term Contracts Are Obscene. We believe in retaining customers by ensuring they're happy — NOT — locking them in with long-term contracts. Pay month-to-month with SherlockDocs and cancel whenever you like. If you're good at what you do you already understand that your biggest problem is how your clients expect you to transform into a report creating, video editing genius just to present the cold hard facts you found and get paid.

Life would be so much easier if you could just focus on your real area of expertise, finding the powerful written, picture, and video evidence your client needs to process the truth, wouldn't it? And that drains money from your pocket every month. If you've got a good grasp on technology you could always risk identity theft and email the report with a video attached from your unsecure email server. If you're really daring you could save money on DVD's and postage by sending you're a video client a link after spending hours uploading the evidence filled video to YouTube, but we both know you'd risk beaching confidentiality and privacy laws, and open yourself up to a lawsuit, or worse, risk losing your license, and your client won't watch it all anyway, right?

So even when you act like the world's best PI by asking the right questions, thinking outside the box, and always provide exactly what your client wants, you LOSE because still you still have to get that mountain of facts, pictures, and video into a report that will never make you more money or grow your business.

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Don't worry because you have a few choices. The fact is you just want to do what you do best, investigate, but sooner or later you'll need to catch up with technology if you want to transform from your status as the small PI guy to the highly sought after, super successful, rich guy PI because clients demand the most advanced technology, and without it, you just can't compete with the big guys. Sherlock Docs is a Genius Report Creation Tool that Eliminates the time and money you lose every time you are forced to spend painful hour after hour just to use ten different kinds of software, and type the same sentence a million times, just to create the powerful, proof-positive report your client expects before paying you what you deserve.

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You are unlikely to find a legitimate service that provides a truly free background check. Most of these are simply free and weak public records searches. Nor, do you need to be licensed. However, some companies may require certain types of various certifications to confirm that you are operating a valid business and have a need to access information for legitimate business reasons. I am a private investigator in Portland, Oregon.

I especially appreciated the many resource links in this article. I will make immediate use of the Other Private Investigator Software resources referenced in this article. Like to contact you… like to have a PI from there to conduct a background check.

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Do you have a web page or email that we can contact each other? Do you guys provide soft ware for MPI military police investigator? We are looking for a soft wear that could help us out. Could you please let me know what you provide and the cost of the software? Thank you. I need to pull up a fishing license for three individuals in Alaska; however, the Alaska Fish and Game requires a notarized signed letter from each individual I am looking into.

This kind of defeats the purpose of looking into these individuals. How do you circumvent this and obtain the licenses without their knowledge? Sounds like a tough one. Earlier this year, Alaska enacted legislation that allows fishermen to carry electronic licenses on their smartphone. This is intended to make it easier for law enforcement to verify that they have a valid license. These are just ideas, but since law enforcement can check, perhaps you might try to contact law enforcement in the appropriate city or town for assistance.

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Another option might be: They might be able to point you in the right direction. Thanks for posting a comment. Visit our private investigator directory at https: Also, review all of the applications installed on your phone. Be careful not to disable any important apps that are necessary for your phone to run. Once you disable any suspicious apps, see if the weird things continue to happen. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Hello George! We have one Oregon Agency listed in our directory. Here isa link to their directory listing: