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Unlimited golden keys on PC

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Borderlands 2 Golden Keys

This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. Hello everyone: My name is Mooncalf and with this guide I will show you how to get infinite gold keys and therefore open infinite gold chests, to make easier this guide I will put some steps for you to follow, hope they are easy to understand: When you are there just use your golden keys on the chest "Don't hesitate and continue reading" when you have used all of your keys or your inventory is full Be sure your rewarded weapons are on your character and not in the secret place of the claptrap or in another place.

Also be sure there are no weapons left without being taken When you have done this just save and quit game. Finally go to the folder where you have pasted the previus profile.

[Borderlands 2] Unlimited Golden Keys

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Where to find new Borderlands 2 Shift codes

Guide Index. Golden Keys FTW. WithoutName 10 Jul, 2: Codes can be entered only once per SHiFT account and are independent of your character saves you've got; meaning, one key works across all your saves.

Codes given away online are not single-use, all users can use the same code, but there are time limits on when the code can be entered. After the time period is over, the code becomes unusable. September 15, at 5: You can not get back Golden Keys once they're used, even if you back out of the game without saving.

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  6. Either accept the loot or lose it AND the key forever. Users can collect multiple keys. When unlocking the loot box, the key is used up.

    Players are rewarded with special weapons that scale to the character's current level. PC codes may be case sensitive. Some codes are released with expiration dates listed, but actually remain valid until a certain number of keys have been redeemed.