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To expand the cheat box, type in expand and the cheat box will get bigger. Close the cheat window by typing in exit in the cheat window. For advanced cheats and game modifications , type in BoolProp testingCheatsEnabled when you're in the neighborhood screen. Keep in mind that this cheat may mess up your computer. Shift click on the mailbox to access special features and Shift click on your sim to access special features. Method 1. Get abducted by aliens. Open the cheat window in a lot and type BoolProp testingcheatsenabled true and then moveObjects on.

The spaceship will soon arrive to beam you up. Method 2. Get all of the career rewards by typing in unlockcareerrewards. Method 3. Change the time by typing in setHour time. For example, if you want to change the time to 5 am, type "setHour 05". Prevent aging by typing in aging off. If you want to age them, type in aging on. Change the height of your Sims. Type in stretchskeleton number. The actual height of a Sim is 1. For a smaller Sim, use 0. If you want a little taller, use 1.

The Sims: Life Stories – Cheats

Invite more guests to your party. Go into the neighborhood view and type in intprop maxnumofvisitingsims number. So if you want 15 Sims, you would put "intprop maxnumofvisitingsims15". Set the age group of your Sims. Use the boolprop cheat. Hold down the "Shift" key and click on any Sim.

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Choose "Spawn", "More", and "Sim Modder". A baby should pop-up. Click on the baby and click "Set Age". It will give you the option of toddler, child, teen, adult, and elder. If you turn a pregnant adult sim into anything but an adult, they will no longer be pregnant. To get a pregnant teenager, you must download the hack. Type in "MoveObjects on" without the " It is also case sensitive into the cheat menu.

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Kill one of your sims that you don't want. If you have a sim that you want to keep, make sure that there is someone very close to them that can plea to the grim reaper. As soon as you see the grim reaper, go To buy mode and pick him up. Pick him up and hold down shift. Without letting go of the shift button, put the Grim Reaper back down and you should be holding a clone of your Grim Reaper. Then place him where you want him.

Plea to the real grim reaper to save your loved one. You better hope that they love them as much as you think they do otherwise your sim is gone! You can also kill a neighbour walking past. But sometimes it will still be one of your other Sims from a different family so be careful there. You cannot control the grim reaper, but it is still really fun and like I made two of them and put them as statues at my Sims house. Refill the fridge fast by using the boolprop cheat.

Hold down the "Shift" key and click on the refrigerator.

The Sims 2 PC Game Cheats: Infinite Simoleons Cheat Codes!

Click on "Restock". Your fridge will be completely full again.

Give your Sim a makeover. Get the Dr. Vu's Automatched Cosmetic Surgeon career reward to re-make your Sim's face.

Cheats and Secrets for the Sims Medieval

Then make your Sim go up to the mirror and click 'Change Appearance' to change your Sims hair, make-up and facial hair. Then go to the wardrobe, click 'Plan Outfits'. You can go to the tailors to get new outfits. Then type boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true into the cheat box, hold shift and click on your Sim. Click 'Set Aspiration' and choose a new aspiration.

Then click on where you want their Sim's personality to be and what their interests to be.

Sims can be invisible, but alive. Press the following buttons at the same time. Added 29 Jan , ID I need money. To max the skills depending on your computer you may need to hold the left mouse button down or shift and drag across the skills your trying to max, or like on my computer double click on the max skill and it will max out. Hope this helps any questions just email me. Read More. Press Shift, Control, "C" to bring upp the cheat box, then type in "Help" press enter. This will bring up an entire list of cheats in the cheat window!

Happy Playing. Unlockables Added 26 Feb , ID Expands Cheat Box: Expand Prevent Sims from Aging: Aspirationpoints - enter number Change Roof Angle: Kaching Family Receives 50, Simoleans: Maxmotives Place Objects where you want: And , keys Entered in Neighborhood view gives Family any amount you decide: Why are you reporting this submission? Have a question for this game, find the answers or ask your question.

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Fun Cheat. Vista users use the following button.. You want to buy your Sims the ultimate house? How about building 'em the ultimate space station to live in? With these game cheats for The Sims 2, you'd be able to afford it! There are a few cool things you can to with your game by using these cheats , but there's a trick to entering them properly.